Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Eastern Mind

My mind is indeed lit bright
Albeit with a translucent white
Far it helps me gaze
But not without a sense of haze
Perhaps some mist of east

Has survived the western heat

Friday, May 8, 2015

reflections 5

My inspiring words
And my deep delves
Are not meant for the world
But for myself
My words are my best counsel

reflections 4

 I am part wise, part foolish
Foolish to think I am wise
And wise to think I am foolish
Better still, neither can prove otherwise

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


To happiness thou bestow
Thy laughter and its rhyme
Thy heart n thy dime
But from sorrow thou burrow
Solace and peace
Wisdom to keep

Offer all

When you feel you have nothing more to offer
That the road has drained you dry
That’s when you must decide to fly

See what sky has to offer


Don’t detest your desperations
For desperations are next to inspirations
Sometimes we all require a little nudge
When it does not come as a natural urge
It’s the gravity that makes us fall
Teaches us to stand after all
There are no forge without fire
So if you feel you are on a pyre
And world is giving you hell

Remember, it’s shaping you as well


One never gets to meet the horizon
For further you go farther it goes
Yet you must chase it for a reason

For each day you learn something new and grow


If you want to know God
Thence you shall know his joy
Give it all
Thence you shall know his love
And let it go

Thence you shall know his agony

Purpose of life

We are nothing but manure
On which the future feed
Not just body but mind indeed
Even our thoughts, the most sublime
That may endure the test of time
Future minds would ingest them whole
Waste it would eliminate
And newer thoughts germinate
They too are meant for the same role

Live Life

If you are unable to say
How today is different from yesterday
If your days are coloured in same hue
And tomorrow seem to offer nothing new
Then you are neither dead nor alive
For dead decays and turns manure
Life thrives on that hence
In time both has its purpose sure
So stop sitting on the fence
And no, don’t crossover as yet
For you wish it or not,
To that passing you would eventually get
So while you are here give it your best
Endeavour to live to the fullest
See, hear, taste and touch
Absorb what’s around as much
Learn to remember and remember to forget
Leave not much to regret
Learn to laugh and cry laughing
Fall in love and love falling
Clinch your chance, yet learn to let go
Soar high yet yearn to go slow
Take risks and risk to live
Extract all that it has to give
For there is nothing certain in life but death
No matter how hectic it may get

Finally you would get to rest